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Pro carders, such as Freshccdumps, Ferumshopcc and Freecarddumps, use bots to enumerate through credit, debit and gift card numbers and request a balance from them. When carders know the balance, and if it's not zero, they know that the card has real money associated with it. Then they use these cards to purchase goods and services. For a cyber carder, e.g. for Goodcvvshop and Cardingfullz, this is an easy way to remain anonymity and stay intractable. Successful card numbers are organized into lists or sold on forums on the dark web. The owner usually doesn't suspect anything until it's too late.


Credit card numbers are often sold in bulk to carders, such as Greatdumpsshop, Goodcvvshop and Uniccshop, to test them through carding. Carding is a process carders use to find out whether card numbers are still active. To test them, they go to ecommerce websites and initiate many small transactions at the same time. The beauty of carding is that any number of cards can be tested very quickly. Pro carders, such as Bestsitetobuyccforcarding and Ssndobforsale, repeatedly use multiple cards in quick succession of identical amounts. Most often carders use the same name or billing address.